810 is an upscale entertainment, dining and bar experience that focuses on bringing families and friends together for social interaction, friendly competition and great food.  

810 takes upscale entertainment, traditionally available in large metropolitan markets, and makes accessible and affordable for smaller markets. Franchisees can have flexible options to launch their 810 Bowling center...lease a big box space, convert an existing bowling center or build from ground up.  810 has done all three and can expertly guide you through either format.

Why 810

810’s mission is to bring the big city upscale bowling, entertainment & dining experience to every town USA, with pricing that everyone can afford.  To do this they have brought the initial investment to enter the industry down significantly by rethinking the business model, the business footprint and by securing exclusive supply terms for equipment and installation.

810's concept is summed up best by our tagline “Be social®”  We seek to create an environment for family and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company while bowling, playing interactive games (billiards, ping-pong, corn hole, darts, shuffleboard, board games, etc) or watching sports, all while enjoying a full-service guest experience with gourmet food and drink.

810 appeals to candidates who want to be involved in the dining & entertainment space but are looking for a differentiated experience from other bar and casual dining concepts.  A fun, diversified concept with broad appeal and demographics.

810 Franchise Profile

Investment Range: $2.2M - 3M
Liquid Capital Required: $500,000 min
In Business Since: 2015
Number of Units: 5
Training & Support: Yes

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Boutique Footprint

"By eliminating league play and focusing on the casual open bowling customer we eliminate the need for 32 or more lanes and can instead install fewer lane beds with higher end finishes and a focus on optimizing usage rates and marginal return on investment to determine the correct number of lanes for a new location. This reduction in lane beds combined with the inclusion of other smaller footprint games (billiards, ping – pong, shuffleboard tables, darts, board games, corn hole) results in a broadening of our customer base and a smaller total footprint hence reducing the initial build-out costs."


  • Multiple revenue sources through bowling, billiards, restaurant, bar and other
  • High margins and profitability
  • Multiple real estate options
  • Purchase power and savings through exclusive negotiated rates on lanes, bowling equipment and electronics
  • Comprehensive training program takes franchisee through all phases of operations
  • 2 Weeks plus of onsite and grand opening support
  • Marketing and real estate team in place to assist franchisees.
  • Caters to families and the casual bowler
  • Detailed operations manual 

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