Franchise Finders works closely with FranFund and several other finance groups. Often our finance partners have been the difference in our clients being able to move forward with a franchise. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the details and get started with your exciting new venture! We look forward to working with you.

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Welcome to FranFund — a ‘Total Funding Solution’ for franchising and small businesses. FranFund is to small business funding what a concierge is to the hospitality industry: a single, expert resource that will search the marketplace for the best options to fund your new business. They provide you with one or more capitalization solutions based on your individual needs and goals.

At FranFund they do the homework, the legwork and the paperwork so you can focus on starting your business. An easier way to get funding for your franchise.

Their team of franchise funding experts understands that one size does not fit all. We work with you to identify and customize the best capitalization solution so you can move forward with confidence, and it doesn’t stop there. Once a funding solution is identified, we help you manage the process from start to finish so you can focus on what you do best – your business.

Comprehensive funding solutions include:

  • Business loans – Our lending division creates a comprehensive loan package and utilizes our network of SBA and conventional lenders to secure funding. Our condensed timelines and  streamlined documentation provide us the ability to close loans faster than industry averages.
  • FranFundFranPlan™ 401(k)/IRA business funding – An excellent option for those looking for a total capitalization solution. And with our Safety Net program, you can start the FranPlanTM  business funding process risk and cost free.
  • Securities-backed financing – Utilize qualified securities (i.e., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, U.S. Treasuries) to obtain a low interest line of credit.  Pay interest only on the amount used.
  • FranFundReFi™ - For existing franchisees and small business owners, this program may allow you to pay off your existing business loan with a new loan to consolidate your debt at a lower  rate, which can increase cash flow. This could potentially lower your payments, and shorten the loan term.
  • The FranFund Lending Team has a proven process for presenting well-articulated, complete loan request packages to our portfolio of lenders. Our goal is to obtain a “Fast No or Reliable Yes.” Years of experience with hundreds of previous borrowers give us the ability to consistently assemble solid loan request packages and avoid the known pitfalls.

FranFund's comprehensive services include:

  • Pre-qualification assessment – The first and most important step in the loan acquisition process is to obtain your fundability assessment. Once completed, the FranFund® Lending Team evaluates the results and determines your “probability score” of obtaining a loan. After determining your pre-approval, you can proceed with identifying the right business opportunity with confidence!
  • Unlimited consultations with our Lending Specialists
  • Providing required loan documents, including business plan and projections templates
  • Professional review and candid guidance of your loan package
  • Presentation of your loan request to our network of lenders

Whether you are looking for a loan, utilizing existing retirement funds or something a little more creative, FranFund can help you achieve your goals. Ask about our revolutionary FranFundPreferred® program which provides loans up to $5 million with the ability to close in days, rather than months! 

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