What is Franchise Finders?

We are a franchise brokerage and consulting firm representing franchises of varying sizes, styles, investment levels, and locations. Our main service is matching franchise seekers with brands that suit their needs and match their qualifications. We also provide franchise education to candidates and franchise companies.

Why work with Franchise Finders?

We offer one-stop shopping for all your franchise needs with the advantage of time-saving research and business matching performed at no cost to you. We will also teach you franchise research skills to properly assess the different opportunities that you will be considering. Our cost to franchise seekers is nothing so working with us is a no risk proposition. We also work with franchise lenders and often are able to lead our candidates to financing to make franchising possible. 

Will I pay more for the franchise if I use Franchise Finders?

No. You will pay the disclosed price for any franchise just as if you had gone directly to the seller. The seller absorbs our marketing costs. At the very least, you will gain valuable information about the franchise industry.

What type of businesses does Franchise Finders represent?

A cross-section of hundreds of different franchises, full commitment to semi-passive, small-to-large investment, nationally known to start-ups. Franchising is broader and more diverse than most people know. We will likely show you franchises that you would probably never even have come across or considered on your own. 

Dozens of different industries are present in franchising.  Do you want to work from home, be in a brick-and-mortar concept, or perform a niche service? If you are serious about finding a suitable brand and open minded chances are we will be successful. 


How does Franchise Finders differ from a standard business brokerage?

A business brokerage lists and sells existing businesses, often including real estate and leases in the sale. Franchise Finders represents franchise opportunities only.

What other services does Franchise Finders offer?

In addition to franchise brokering and consulting Franchise Finders works with affiliate partners who can develop a franchise system for a company, provide financing, or manage your franchise sales and compliance.

What is an Area Development Agreement and an Area Representation Agreement?

An Area Development Agreement is a franchise relationship that grants a franchisee the right and obligation to open more than one location. Usually there are discounted franchise fees associated with an area development agreement. Area Developers (also referred to as Multi-Unit Franchisees) own and develop their units or territories.

An Area Representation Franchise Agreement takes an Area Development Agreement a step further – in addition to having the rights to multiple locations, an Area Representative can recruit franchisees to others in their territory,  may offer certain services and participate in the fees from the unit franchises. However, the contractual agreement remains between the Franchisor and the Unit Franchise. These types of agreements can be very lucrative and serve as a mechanism for a franchisee to grow a very large enterprise.

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