Opening new units can be capital intensive and puts control and the success of the operation in the hands of hired employees. Franchising can allow a brand to grow  more rapidly, with less capital, and each unit is independently owned and operated which usually leads to greater results. The franchisor receives compensation for each unit through franchise fees and royalties. Franchise Finders teams with an affiliate company, Franchise Development Group (FDG) for all of it's franchise development needs. Many of the brands that we work with have become franchisors through the services of FDG.

FDG is a full service franchise consulting firm based out of Buffalo, NY. Over the past decade, FDG has assisted many companies in transitioning from independent to franchisor. Some clients seek to award a few local franchises, others to become national or global brands. FDG enables a brand to work with one company to create a franchise program and become a legal and compliant franchisor. FDG develops brands into franchisors as well as providing a host of other services to franchisors, new and existing:

  • Franchise Development from A –Z
  • Franchise Compliance
  • Disclosure Documents (Preparation of the Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document – FDD)
  • State Registrations if applicable
  • Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Plans
  • Transitioning Coaching and Support
  • Lead Management
  • Well Connected With Relationships with Franchise Broker Networks and Advertising Sources
  • Vast resources – marketing materials, web development, public relations, etc.

FDG provides solid service at a reasonable price, far less than the larger development firms. And you will not be assigned a low level staff member, in most cases clients are working directly with upper management of the company.

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